Back-arrow-222 Modular Sea Daises

A modular dais that simulates the rocking of a ship at sea. These can be set underneath any piece of furniture, and are commonly placed under dining tables and beds. They are no more than a foot high when inactive or in gentle mode and can be covered with any flooring material -- hardwood, carpet, tile -- to match or complement your environment.

The dais can be turned off, in which case it functions just like a raised platform; or set at any rocking velocity and pitch from 'light breeze' to 'heavy storm'. The dais then rocks and pitches accordingly, simulating the experience of being on a ship at sea. For higher storm/wave settings, the top platform of the dais is raised on an escalating metal arm in order to be able to pitch at more acute angles. It can also be set to accelerate, decelerate, or randomly adjust over time within a set 'storm range'.

The dais comes with anchors you can use to secure your furniture to the platform -- though if you're having a dinner party "on the high seas", be prepared for a lot of sliding glassware. Salut!

While some people get seasick and prefer the security of land, others are soothed beyond measure by the gentle rocking of the sea.