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The Enthusiasm Encapsulator, when activated, courses through the body, taking note of hormone levels and active neurological pathways. It then gathers them into pill form, creating a small capsule that can be carried in the mouth.

When the project that once seemed really fun begins to turn into a frustrating roadblock, a hopelessly adulterated version of the original vision, a faint shadow of its initial potential, then biting into the pill revives the feeling of excitement and joy that you had at the beginning of the project.

Historical Sidenote.
Concerned parents slipped the Enthusiasm Encapsulator into their childrens' lunch, hoping it would instill a love for learning math. Instead, it only gave the children an inordinate craving for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Eventually administration of the Encapsulator to a person other than oneself was made strictly illegal.